Wednesday, September 20, 2000

The Red Filter District

It was like stepping into a time machine. I had recollections of early 1995 new media parties as I climbed a rickety old staircase two flights to Red Filter's party. I passed a beer bottle and then water cup on the steps and then entered a hot, dark, smoky room with the techno-beat we've all come to know and love. Near the door, I chatted with Matt Heindl, now the marketing manager for All True Networks, and Jessica Masters, the customer service manager for Nerve. Near the windows there was an air conditioner huffing and puffing, and a line of geeks checking out what was on the computer monitors. (Scan Disk and the Red Filter site). Financier Phil Horn told me about his new wireless light company, Acolyte, and as I moved more towards the center I met Amanda Mansour and Lauren Kaplan, Columbia University first-year students. Their connection to the party? Amanda's sister is marrying Red Filter's EVP Steve Weiss' brother. Shift magazine's Nigel Wright was chatting with some folks, and HipGuide's Syl Tang introduced me to her and Red Filter's attorney, David Perl, and Scalable Technologies VP of Sales Tim Casio. Vested Software's CEO Mohit Modgil introduced me to Pedro Jimenez and Howard Wong of his company. Contentville's associate marketing manager Amy Miller and I had a nice long chat about the Webby Awards, which we both attended.