Friday, July 02, 1999

Weddings Galore

In addition to being the month of conferences (6? 8?), June is also (traditionally) the month of weddings. This summer I've had the honor of knowing three wonderful couples who exchanged solemn vows and lifelong commitments to each other. First, my friend Anne Yoakam married Alex Ellsworth in Oaklahoma City in the beginning of June. Then my new and good friend Edmund Bogen (Bogen PR) married a lovely woman named Sam Zarrugh at the Essex House in New York City this past weekend. And this upcoming weekend my long-time good friend James O'Connor (Mercury Interactive) will be marrying Melissa Grossman (Harvard MBA '98 and now in a new startup) in lovely Colorado Springs on July 4th. Many deeply heartfelt congratulations to all three couples and all six dynamic people!