Monday, July 12, 1999

Greenwich Village CoC enters new media

** Greenwich Village Chamber of Commerce enters new media **
After meeting with Nancy of the Manhattan CoC, I thought it appropriate to check out what was going on with the Greenwich Village Chamber of Commerce. Set in the lovely Marylou's restaurant on 9th Street there were about 20 or so people by the time I arrived… I met Steven Shoshany, a chiropractor who handed me a funny twisty pen, Bruce and Suzanne Poli of The Creative Image were chatting with Sandra Holtzman of Holtzman Communications and Sue Montgomery of her own firm. Robert Rinaldo, president of the GVCoC, told me they have events all the time, and on my way out I met Douglas Koch of his own floral arrangement company, Michael Rura of Rembrandt Turner & Griswold and Kevin Kautzmann and Al Gugliotta of Executive Benefits.