Wednesday, July 14, 1999

* Petanque and Champagne for everyone! **

Think you have to be an Internet entrepreneur to be under 30 and wildly successful? Think again. There's plenty of fabulously famous twenty-something's in all sorts of industries, and one of them is fashion designer Anne Fontaine. I stopped by her showroom on Wednesday, July 14 for a wine and cheese reception hosted by Louis Jadot, Beaune ( & Wine Brats ( for a Bastille Day celebration. This 27 year old designer highlighted blinding white pique sleeveless vest-shirts, which tempted guests from inside clear cellophane packets with dried rosebuds on the price tags. Torso forms up on a ledge towered with exquisite chiffon-like blousy-blouses with belted waists. If these weren't tempting enough on their own, the 30% - 50% off made it even more palatable.

Here the special off-the-cuff Bastille Day audio cast at: