Friday, July 02, 1999

The Cyber Scene in San Diego ~ by Joe Crawford

The Cyber Scene in San Diego ~ by Joe Crawford of ArtLung

The WebGrrls-San Diego [ ] and WebSanDiego [ ] joint meeting/get-together on June 30, 1999 was terrific. All my expectations about what this event was to be were exceeded. Lots of very cool folks, doing work here in San Diego. A great turnout from both groups, I felt.

The meeting took place at a coffeehouse on University Avenue in Hillcrest called - "The Living Room." The nominal focus was a presentation by Janelle Payne, who is in the sales arm of Sidewalk San Diego.

Anne Wayman (local guide for [ ], and Shannon Williams of Cox Interactive Media's [ ] (also responsible for [ ] [ ] [ ]) [ ]. WebSanDiego list owner, Joe Crawford [ ] asked a few questions - including about what ads might not make it to the site: the reply was that there was indeed an approval process, and that she recalled one in particular - with a particularly clinical before and after graphic of a "male enhancement device" - did not make it through that approval process.

All in all a great presentation by Jannelle, and everyone I believe appreciated her taking the time to give us a look at what she does. "Well thought out" noted Anne Wayman, guide and author [ ].

After all that, lots of tech, business, and job discussion - plus an interaction game with Jolly Ranchers. I tried to talk to everybody but missed a few folks - but next time I'll meet everyone!

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