Friday, July 23, 1999

More meanings behind Creative Good

A lot of good can come from creativity and when it's used for positive means, then it's really a very Creative Good. And Creative Good, the company, held their second Learning Lab (of a series) on Friday, July 23rd at the Performance of a Lifetime space in SoHo. This lab focused on "Ways of Seeing" and brought together about 30 people for four hours of discussion and then an opportunity to rehearse and perform a playlette. Led by the POAL staff, which was recently featured in the Wall Street Journal for their unique approach to team building, the participants were divided into three teams that performed a piece. One group did a skit entitled "Prop Therapy" where each person was a prop that complained about its issues (ex. the fencing sword (guy) always had to make a 'point,' the parachute (woman) sometimes just didn’t feel like 'opening up.') The second group created a piece that chronicled a father and his relationships over the years through a series of conversations. And the final performance was an improv based on entrances and exits -- each person came on the scene in a particular order and needed to state their reason for being there and why they were leaving.

Afterwards, more discussion ensued centered on vulnerability, being open with ourselves and others in the work place, "seeing" others as viable creative contributors to projects, and how difficult it can be to strip away our daily defenses and prejudices.

Mark Hurst (founder and president) and his growing talented team including Phil Terry (CEO) and Liz Bennett (dir. of operations) have been in the industry since its inception creating good businesses in a variety of ways. How nice to see them working together for all our beneficial user experience! Stay tuned for information on upcoming Labs in their series. In the meantime, you can learn about effective and useful sites on the web at and at for their "E-Business Best Practices" site with ZDNet.