Friday, July 16, 1999

TCS Intro: 7/16/99

The Cyber Scene (tm) ~ by Courtney Pulitzer ~ July 16, 1999


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~ Save the Date: August 10th I will be giving a Learning Annex class on "How to Spot Trends in Silicon Alley, and How to Profit from them" see:

~ Wondrous webbies in Washington, D.C -- the witty and well-spoken Sacha Cohen will begin contributing to The Cyber Scene. Send her your tips, congrats, and more!


I. This week's specials:
It's a bird! It's a plane! No! It's a new technology island!
Greenwich Village CoC enters new media
Petanque and Champagne for everyone!
Jammin' early with the DMF
Meow Mixin' It Up @ the DA
Renaissance Affair

The Cyber Scene in Austin -- by Will Kreth and Bill Holloway
The Cyber Scene in San Francisco -- by Bill McCloskey and Josh Masur
The Cyber Scene in Los Angeles -- by Fixer

II. Regular Features:
Shakers and Stirrers
Bits and Bytes

III. "Cocktails with Courtney"
NYC -- July 28th. Never Bar. (RSVP required)
Austin -- August 4th. SpeakEasy (RSVP required)
LA and SF -- Stay tuned!
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