Friday, August 17, 2001

Top of the World

Where did they go? Many of the attendees from the eComm party headed downtown to a more modern venue at the World Trade Towers. Jim Sosnicky, the host of the Great American Bar Tour, held his usual Thursday night happy hour on Wednesday at the Greatest Bar on Earth. About 100+ people popped up to the 107th floor to get cool and enjoy the views of the Hudson. The usual suspects were all in attendance, as well as a few newcomers. David Joerg, co-founder of Vindigo, was nestled up near the bar. He told me that his days at the company are now numbered. Despite his departure, however, he assured me that the palm-based navigation tool, which is considered a must-have amongst the digital set, will still go on to bigger and better things. Many musical folks were also in attendance. Members from the band Trew Ghetto, Don Kronex and The Nigress Princess, were trying to network their way into a new gig. And Adam Headrick was on the scene looking for a singer for his group, 38 Sh*tkickers. The air-conditioners were in overtime, and the place was even getting a bit too cool, but things soon heated up again when the music picked up and the lights kicked out over the dance floor, enticing many to kick up their heels above the rest of a roasting Manhattan. The night was another success for Jim, whose party returns to Thursday night next week at Caffe Adulis.