Saturday, August 11, 2001

StarNYC starry night ~ by Gina Larson

Back on the other side, StarNYC was having their bi-weekly party at Spa. I had never checked out the event, but heard of its popularity. 'Why not,' I figured, and grabbed two friends from out of town to accompany me. Due to a private party in the back room, guests were forced to squeeze together and rub a little more than elbows with fellow and former dot.comers. The open bar was five people deep, and while I'm sure the bartender was being bullied all night, he crossed the line when he scolded my guest who had her hand in her purse, "Hey no tip?" he said. Bringing up a fistful of Washingtons, she shot back, "Not anymore, buster." Another attendee tried to have a tete-a-tete by asking my other friend, "So what the f*&%$ are you doing here from Rhode Island?" While more urbane conversation was to be found, this event is good choice for the club set who doesn't make it past 10.