Thursday, August 30, 2001

Jim Sosnicky's Swan Song

Lights were twinkling throughout the lush trees towering over the scattered cocktail tables in the pretty garden at the Tavern on the Green on Thursday, August 30th. The different colored Chinese lanterns swayed gently with the slightest breeze on the hot, humid summer evening. Dinner guests-New Yorkers and tourists--sat around white iron chairs. The parquet dance floor was soon to be the focus for a few brave souls who threw all caution to the wind and broke out in even deeper sweats as they grooved and grinded to DJ tunes when evening turned into night.

There were lots of reasons to celebrate after all. It was Jim Sosnicky's final party in his historic tavern tour and it was the beginning of a new phase for him as he soon heads off to merry ol' London to study. As the invite stated: "We have the outdoor garden all night. We have drink discounts all night. There will be dancing and laughing all night…. Bring your friends. Bring your husband. Bring your girlfriend. Bring your husband's girlfriend." And probably some did!

As he also so wittily stated, "Start your Labor Day weekend off right by shaking a leg (and soaking a liver)," which undoubtedly more than a few folks did. Jim has a knack of bringing together people from several New York worlds: artistic, journalistic, technology, finance and a few other random ones for good measure. Case in point: I enjoyed a glass of wine while chatting with Forbes global deputy editor Nigel Holloway, RAW Communications US president Simon Haque and Synapse Productions artistic director Geneve Boll. Vindigo co-founder David Joerg and I had a charming conversation-how could you not when you're chatting with an eloquent chap all dressed in a suit and tie? He even gallantly ordered hors d'oeuvres for his guests to keep them happy. When they arrived I headed uptown for a quaint private soiree already in progress for dessert.