Friday, August 31, 2001

TCS Intro ~ 8/31/01

Courtney Pulitzer's Cyber Scene ~ August 31, 2001

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In Memoriam: Gillian Davis
A Wake And In Brooklyn ~ by Gina M. Larson
Feeding Hungry Entrepreneurs Dinner And A Chance
Jim Sosnicky's Swan Song
MUMBOing around the neighborhood

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Morning Circle ~ September 12 ~ NYC
Sponsored by Lumiere ~
"Fashion and Technology: The intricate woven pattern of influence"
How the fashion and technology industries influence each other, or not?

Cocktails with Courtney ~ September 20 ~ Austin, TX
Sponsored by Exodus ~

Cocktails with Courtney ~ September 20 ~ NYC
Sponsored by Microsoft ~

Stardust Circle ~ October 3 ~ NYC
Sponsored by Ardesta ~
The Business of Nanotechnology

Stardust Circle ~ October 4 ~ NYC
Wireless: what's getting funded and why?

Cocktails with Courtney ~ October 16 ~ NYC
Sponsored by 3 Legged Dog ~

Fox Channel's "Cavuto on Business"
Saturday, September 1 @ 10:30 AM, 6:30 PM EST
Sunday, September 2 @ 9:30 AM EST

Crain's, June 25, 2001. "Alley II: The New Face of New Media"

The New York Observer, June 22, 2001. "In Market Slump, Courtney Pulitzer Kicks Things Up.


Publisher's Note

Well, well. The overbearingly hot, lazy days of August have come to an end. And while all you cyber-netizens were relaxing and slacking off, we've been busy bees here at CPC Headquarters! Busy planning a plethora of events to quench your curiosity, thirst and desires.

We've got an exciting lineup of panels starting with our next Morning Circle on the influence the fashion, design and technology industries have on each other. With celebrity designer Anand Jon who represents a "transcendental yet technological" lifestyle; Sherrie Krantz, the brainchild behind the popular cyber chick,; Victor Chu, a faculty member at Parsons who owns patent rights to "digital labeling" and Jeff Wolf, CEO of Sensatex, the company developing the "Smart Shirt" we have a great lineup that promises to make the morning discussion tantalizing.

Not far after is our double-headed Cocktails with Courtney. On September 20th I'll be hosting the Inner Circle Only Members soiree at one if NYC's newest and hippest clubs with the most "wow" factor that I've seen in a long time! Sponsored by Microsoft we'll have an exclusive preview of some exciting software and of course the classic Bombay Sapphire martinis you've all come to know and love.

Then-on the same day, September 20th-we'll have our special designated point person, Miranda Berner, as hostess for the Cocktails with Courtney in Austin, TX. Sponsored by Exodus there will be several informative presentations and again-more thirst-quenching cocktails at our reception at the cool Cool River restaurant.

Without waiting too long, we will next present our first evening panel-the Stardust Circle-on October 3rd at TechSpace in New York City. The first of a series in a new industry for us, we're partnering with F. Mark Modzelewski and his NanoBusiness Alliance to produce the Small Talks panel series. We've got great momentum already. Did you read Stephan Herrara's August 31, 2001 article in Red Herring on the topic and our panel?
And Mark has been accumulating a stellar Board of Directors for his organization that will make your jaws drop. His site launches on September 3rd (stay tuned for more info!)

The very next day, on October 4th, the Consul General of Sweden will be hosting our next Stardust Circle on the burgeoning topic of "What's getting funded in Wireless" in his private residence. This very swank event (closed to 40 guests) has been planned in conjunction with Elastic Agency. The private panel with star speakers like VantagePoint Venture Partners' partner Ken Kharbanda and Brainheart Capital's CEO Ulf JonstrĖ†mer will lead into a Cocktails with Courtney (closed to 100 guests).

And that's not all! More cocktail parties across the US are planned for later in the Fall and we're not giving up on our annual Black Tie holiday benefit. So don't touch that dial! Keep tuned into for all the latest updates!

Also, don't forget to send over your news, career changes, updates and harmless gossip discussed for my next segment for TechTV! I'll be bringing the same compelling content that you read here, but now shorter, pithier and in a different format-TV! Email me: