Thursday, August 16, 2001

Broadband Brooklyn Bar night ~ by Gina Larson

Trekking over to Brooklyn always seemed like an elaborate ordeal, but Wednesday I found that my apprehension is more mental than anything else. A quick trip over the Williamsborough Bridge, and plop, you find yourself in cozy factory-lined streets and laid-back chic. I owe this altered awareness to the Broadband Brooklyn Bar night on Wednesday. Supported by the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce and Digital NYC, the event was a full-house affair. Guests gathered at the not-yet opened restaurant Rice, a twin to the restaurant of the same name on Mott and sibling of N in SoHo. A delicious sangria starred at the event, and guest were treated to a few of the eclectic concoctions that Rice is renowned for such as eggplant maki rolls and paella served from Chinese take-out containers. Joe Chan, president of the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce said that he is thrilled by the number of new businesses moving into the borough. He also got up to tell attendees to make the most of the night, meet people and network. The crowd took his cue. Ty Kalinski, director of business services at Brooklyn Development Corp., Jeffrey Hearon, of Global Broadband Strategies, and Jen Flanagan, an EMT, were all swirling around, smiling, passing out business cards - mixing business with pleasure.