Thursday, August 30, 2001

MUMBOing around the neighborhood

DUMBO, shmumbo! MUMBO is the hot new acronym for (Manhattan Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass). Rhizome's OpenMouse--a collaboration between and SoundLab/Cultural Alchemy-has always been fun at FUN, which is in MUMBO. Hey, ya gotta call the neighborhood *something* right?

The concept? It's open mic for new media artists. So when you walk into the former garage (chop shop?), you see web sites, art software, live video mixing, ascii video and other forms of visual creativity projected on the expansive walls. Combined with super cool DJ sounds, and super cool (read "aloof") bartenders serving up cocktails, it wont be long before you find yourself too-cool-for-school and too-sexy-for-your-shirt in this immersive experience and location. This month, on Thursday, August 30th, the FUN place was graced with the artistic Marcello Mazzella, Robert Kachroo, Kurt Bauman, Giles Hendrix, Yevgeniy Fiks and Barbara Confino. Check out their future dates so you can broaden your horizon and step into New York's newest branded neighborhood.