Friday, August 10, 2001

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The Mapping of a New Revenue Course
Charting new territory, GeoPortals is now offering a suite of Internet deliverable American History maps. The maps, which can be delivered in Flash format, range from the earliest days of exploration to the Civil War and presidential elections. All told, there are 475 maps within 49 themes that will be marketed to American high school and middle school markets.

U Network
Pennsylvania's universities are about to be schooled in the three Rs of networking: redundancy, reliability and return on investment. The Pennsylvania's State System of Higher Education selected Seattle-based
Internap Network Services to provide IP connectivity to their network of university campuses.  Applications for the service include distance learning, research, internal Internet access, and educational Internet usage for students.

Analysts Remain Optimistic
Despite the Titanic decent of stocks, and the swelling ranks at local Pink Slip parties, the long-term growth factors for Internet recovery remain strong, even though current market conditions will temporarily hinder near-term effects. At least, that's what market-watcher Jupiter Media Metrix thinks. According to a report released last week, factors that first made the Internet boom -- business cost savings, convenience -- remain powerful lures and will become self-reinforcing with the passage of time. "While many Internet ventures today are mired in financial difficulty, it's important for all players not to be overwhelmed by the negative hype that is distorting the long-term picture," said David Card, vice president and senior analyst, Jupiter Media Metrix.  "There are many hurdles and setbacks to be overcome in the months ahead, but most of these should prove to be short-term setbacks, the magnitude of which will be offset by continued long-term growth factors."