Thursday, August 09, 2001

Big Day for Bigstar Founder

While the city simmered to a slow halt a small group of interactive old-timers gathered in the swanky club Eugene on Thursday, August 9th. The crushed velvet sofa was the choice resting spot for United Jewish Communities's Joli Halper, Vica Vinogradova (who's helping "Tennis Week" with their Web site) and artist Alyona Makeeva. Dennis Adamo arrived with Code Factory CEO Sean Sullivan and told me he's now working in the hard code world of IT technology with Softlabs. Publicist Lydia Keys introduced me to Delano Hotel senior sales manager Erin McGarry. And then the birthday boy arrived! founder David Friedensohn was the man of the hour and as he arrived everyone stood up to greet him. Later others filed in like PumPum's Ofer Cohen and Princeton Review's Cory Podolsky.'s Marc Scarpa was looking quite cute in his longer locks look and asked if I would be also going to the Burning Man festival over Labor Day. Electronic Hollywood's Jaime Levy and I chatted for a bit about the changes in the industry and evolving one's professional life. reporter George Mannes came over to say "hello" and talk about the excitement of working at this informative site. Birthday boy was busy telling all his friends about his aggressive workout schedule with his Navy Seal trainer. The night was still young, even if one participant was another year older, and the party was just getting going as I headed out.