Thursday, July 26, 2001

Webgrrls Pursuit of Passions

If you'd ever wanted to know what passions women have, you should've been at the Webgrrls Women Series on "Passion, Pleasure & Profits" on Thursday, July 26th. (Or you can go read an issue of Cosmo). The speakers for the evening were HipGuide's Sly Tang, Daily Candy's Marcy Swingle and myself. Prompted with creatively poised questions by the Webgrrls diva and director of the NYC chapter, Eileen Shulock, we discussed our businesses, how we started them, what motivates and scares us and what's next. Webgrrls NYC director Eileen Shulock was, as always, a most gracious and witty moderator for questions posed afterwards as well. Attended by over 100 women from all areas of technology and business in the city, the evening was a well-rounded insight into the fun aspects of the Internet industry and was an empowering experience for all involved.