Saturday, July 07, 2001

Publisher's Note ~ Previews

Greetings lovely Cyber Scenesters! I know you're all still out there, enjoying the lovely summer days-swimming, sunning, tennis-ing and golfing. And, as you should be! Summer is a wonderful time to slow down and look at all the pretty flowers, smell their fragrant blossoms, watch a cardinal fly down onto a lush green lawn, stroll leisurely after a lovely dinner and watch the ocean waves lap up onto the beach.
Meanwhile, the city churns away at its usual frenetic pace in bright glaring sun that exposes all its beauteous and beastly features. Industry events are slowing down too, taking advantage of the slow down in the economy as well. And I have been luxuriating in a pace I haven't enjoyed in quite a few years.

However, I do have a treat for you. Next week you'll get to read an exclusive Cyber Scene Spotlight on AOL/Time Warner Foundation president Kathy Bushkin. This is the beginning of a new feature for our publication. Starting on a monthly basis we'll be featuring a notable leader in our world, whose influence and efforts are making a difference.

So with that-hope you all had a Happy Independence Day, have a great weekend and see you all around!