Wednesday, July 18, 2001

The Courtney Report on Her West Coast Excursion: Part 3

Cyber Scene Spotlight: Part Three - More Wondrous Revelations @ the W

Wednesday was the day of W's (W Hotel, Webby Awards, A Workout in the fitness center). In the late afternoon on Wednesday, July 18th, I met with W Hotel CMP, director of Sales and Marketing Bill Tremper. Coming from a career spanning fourteen years at six hotels in the hotel industry, Bill has proven himself as being one of the more inventive "do-ers" in his field. Having worked at more traditional properties like the Marriott, Tremper stood out with his creative ideas and aggressive action-oriented approach. Only ten months into his tenure at the San Francisco W, he already has identified and initiated change. Knowing full-well that "people expect change from a design and style source," which the W represents, the SF W will be set into motion of evolving change. Staying within W standards, of course, they will be changing the colors and the artwork in the lobby. Digital art and flat screens will project new exhibits and there'll be a DJ spinning tunes based on the mood of the gathered crowd.

With a nose for sales and marketing, Bill is also implementing...