Tuesday, July 24, 2001

Swashbuckling and Sushi ~ by Gina M. Larson

It was one of those oppressively hot summer nights in New York City where the heat and humidity are like a lovely warm blanket to keep you warm on a winter night-except it's July and you don't want a blanket. Answering the cry of in and out of work dot-comers and non-comers alike, HotJobs hosted their annual summer party drawing 150 people. Cyber Scene writer Gina Larson braved the heat to check it out...

The staff at HotJobs knew how to stay cool this week. On Tuesday, July 24th the crew, led by their fearless leader and CEO, Dimitri Boylan climbed aboard The Peking. Although the three-mast ship stayed parked at Pier 17, the breeze coming off the East River was strong enough to peel off the sticky sweat baked on by the city heat.

Jeff Taylor was on board the ship, but the CEO of the Monster.com didn't cause a mutiny. Since the two former rivals joined forces in the last minutes of June, Jeff was a welcomed member of the crew. In fact, he even let staffers emblazon the HotJobs' logo on his bicep, which he was proud the show off. I chose to take my tattoo on the back.

A bounty of sushi, shrimp and chocolates were passed around the deck in an attempt to offset the effects of the open bar. The DJ tried to get all hands on deck to dance, but most just chose to schmooze with staff and guests. Simon Goddard VP of Sales, was reminiscing about his sailing days with the Marines back in London, while VP of Advertising, Marc Karasu, mused over past summer loves.

I also caught up with some non-staffers, such as Cristoph Mittendorf, Justin O'Conner, from AFD Contract Furniture, Amber Spierer and George Hinckley, from Traiger & Hinckley LLP. The party was still going on when this landlubber shipped out, but something tells me that some buccaneers were
only starting the night.