Thursday, July 12, 2001

The Natives Get Restless

The media was out in droves and there were clips of interviews of Silicon Alley stars like Kyle Shannon of on MSNBC then next day. NYNMA had done another banner job of promoting their annual Town Hall event on Thursday, July 12th. As was done in prior years, NYNMA shared the stage, so to speak, with the WWWAC organization to bring together a full community experience.

The glitterati panelists included the sage Kevin Werbach of Release 1.0, a youthful grandfather of the Alley Kyle Shannon and the spritely TV businessman from AOLTV Robert Friedman. Acerbic David Kirkpatrick of Fortune magazine moderated and indulged Robert for a volley on advertising on the web.'s Omar Wasow roamed the floor with the mike to aid the townspeople with their questioning. Deb Schultz, Sorceron's Howard Greenstein and other illuminati shared the responsibility and facilitated questioning.

Among the questioners were...