Thursday, July 19, 2001

The Courtney Report on Her West Coast Excursion: Part 4

Part Four - Wednesday Wonders Won't Cease As We Go To The Webby's

There were a few themes that threaded the fabric of this year's 5th Annual Webby Awards: endurance, a sense of accomplishment for having staying power and unwavering belief in the ultimate longevity and success of the Web, the Internet and what we're all doing.

While this year's Webby's felt smaller and more subdued than last year's, the theme of "Gutsy" prompted people to express themselves liberally in their dress and speech. Although most men were clothed in mostly black or dark suits ranging from traditional to modern, the two stand-outs were John "" Halcyon Styn, who strapped on white "ass-less" chaps, lace stretch briefs, a URL-branded t-shirt and his signature pig-tails and Randy "Peter Pan" Constan, who wore a traditional green Peter Pan outfit. guys roller bladed around with silver lame capes floating after them. EssEff-er microstar Justin Hall wore a crisp cream suit, burgundy polka-dotted bow tie and no shirt. Visionary Howard Rheingold was in a signature loud-crazy suit jacket (green, yellow and pink paisley-very 1960s). And of course, Webcast host Sam Donaldson was just the most outrageous, crazy guy ever in his classic charcoal pin-stripped suit, crisp bright, white shirt and grey-silver tie. What a guy!

Not many women were truly gutsy in their attire either, but the notable exceptions were the lithe bodies in wide fishnet body stockings with latex coverings, Botticelli-shaped women in curve-hugging latex and body sparkles and semi-dominatrix-types in stereotypical outfits. The Webby's seem to draw a large Burning Man festival crowd as well and after the ceremony the after-party antics were what seemed to be in anticipation of the bacchanalian experience to come over Labor Day.

Here are some highlights from the show....