Wednesday, July 11, 2001

The Cyber Scene in Denver ~ by Suzanne Lainson

On July 11 it was another big night for both events and music. Dave Matthews was playing at the University of Colorado football stadium, the Front Range Forum for Women Entrepreneurs ( was meeting at trendy Sacre Bleu in Denver, and the Front Range Alliance ( was meeting in downtown Boulder.

I passed on Dave Matthews because arena shows aren't my thing. I was all set to attend the FWE event when Larry Nelson, who heads up the Grassroots Initiative (, invited me to the Front Range Alliance meeting. All he had to mention was that it had been organized by Brad Feld, of SOFTBANK (, and Jared Polis, of fame, and I was interested. Plus the location was so appealing -- four stories above the Pearl Street Mall at the Holme Roberts & Owen ( offices. Truly a great location to spend a summer afternoon: a view of both Pearl Street and the Flatirons. We stood on the terrace, enjoyed the food and wine, and savored the moment.

It was a very high powered crowd. I spotted Brad and his wife, Amy Batchelor, Juan Rodriquez, co-founder of both Storage Tech and Exabyte and co-founder and chairman/CEO of Ecrix (, Catharine Merigold, a principal with Vista Ventures (, Pamela Bergeson, founder/chairman of (, Dave Secunda, founder of PlanetOutdoors, Jerry Lewis, editor of the Boulder County Business Report (, Steve Segal of Cooley Godward (, Sara Gutterman of Boulder Ventures (, Chris Wan of SOFTBANK, Dan Murray, marketing director of Persona (, Erika Brown, founder of NetGoddess (, Derrin Smith, CEO of GetGo (, and Eric Kirby, CEO of Veripost ( Mark Weakley, of HRO, mentioned that his fellow attorney, Suzy Thevenet, helped to set up the event and then joined her sister on vacation in Croatia....