Friday, July 20, 2001

The Courtney Report on Her West Coast Excursion: Part 5

Part Five - LA bound

Leaving overcast, drizzly and foggy San Francisco I arrived in sunny LA to be greeted by an older man who asked me: "Young lady, do you know you just sat next to two very famous actors?"

I glanced at the Barbie and Ken couple sitting next to me in the rental car pickup van. "No."

He pursued with, "Do you watch day-time TV?"


"Do you watch TV at all?"

"No." I remain brief but am thinking to myself, "Look buddy. I just pulled an all-nighter at a wwwacky web party and I am working behind a computer all day long. I don't have time (or interest) to watch day-time TV shows!"

"Well, they just flew in from Orlando and I am their writer!"

(How much more must I learn of these people?)

"Oh. That's nice."

Welcome to LA.

The day progressed much less jarringly and ended on a sweet note as I enjoyed a leisurely networking dinner at Rix in Santa Monica for the Digital Commerce Exchange. Hosted by Ben Mendelsohn and Janine Parker guests enjoyed two hearty appetizer orders each, thanks to sponsorship by Response magazine. I chatted with InternetWire's Michael Terpin; The Walt Disney Company Digital Industry Relations, New Technology and Development VP Philip Lelyveld, Kenneth Papagan; NTV president Linda Thurman and WireBreak Entertainment CEO David Wertheimer. Careerbuilder Manager, WestCoast Advertising Sales (and Cyber Scene LA contributor) Keren Taylor was enjoying dinner with her husband and friend at the next table, and we chatted for a bit afterwards as well. The scene over by Shutters, where Mike Terpin and I met up with CEO/Founder Lisa Osborn and R&D Graphics & Marketing Denise Denison-Erkeneff, was picking up. After a cocktail of seltzer waters and revolving conversations we adjourned for the night. After all, Friday and the weekend still have numerous activities to be enjoyed!