Tuesday, July 17, 2001

The Cyber Scene in Denver ~ by Suzanne Lainson

On Tuesday, July 17, I attended the Colorado Internet Keiretsu (http://www.cik.org) roundtable on business in Asia held at the SOFTBANK (http://www.sbvc.com) offices. The presentation was made by Ed Roberto, president/ CEO of Asia Online (http://www.asiaonline.com). His job at the company was to aquire businesses. He bought 18 companies in 15 months. The company raised $143 million in three rounds. Back then it was easy to raise money, but the company also burned through a lot of it. The business plan was to offer Internet business solutions to medium and large organizations in the Asian-Pacific region...

* * *

Thursday, July 19, it was the Internet Chamber of Commerce (http://www.icc.org) barbecue at the Westmoor Technology Park. The most notable feature: the weather. Dark clouds came rolling in, gale force winds blew up, and people were hanging onto poles to keep the tents from blowing away. I considered leaving but I hadn't eaten yet, and I was at least going to get some food before I headed back to my car. As it turned out, most people decided to stick around, and by the time I had finished eating, the wind had died down a bit. The entertainment looked promising: Boa & the Constrictors (http://www.boablues.com), a jump blues band. I read that they have played in Europe, so I wanted to hear them, but the wind made that all but impossible. Maybe some other time....