Tuesday, July 24, 2001

Converse with the Politicos

It's hot out now, but the political races for Mayor of the Big Apple and other lead roles will be heating up even more in the coming months. In an effort to serve its constituency, the non-profit nonpartisan election forum for NYC voters, SavvyVoter.org, partnered with E-thepeople, their national counterpart and a nonpartisan site as well. E-thepeople works with over 400 online newspapers, television stations and Internet portals to bring government closer to the public. The two sites decided to partner with the Daily News and host a reception to kick off the 2001 NYC edebates.

Held on Tuesday, July 24th at Club 101 on Park Avenue, a respectable number of people attended to discuss the impending debates and hear comments from leaders of the involved parties....

Guests showed up to sample hors d’oeuvres and chat about the open offices.

With the big mayoral campaign coming up there are sure to be more political events peppering the scene. Be sure to know fully who stands for what by checking out SavvyVoter.org and be a Savvy Voter!