Thursday, February 22, 2001

Yada Yada, Blah Blah, Hush! Shhhhh!

Just around the corner, at (shhh!) Hush, Yada Yada threw a classic bash like it was 1999! Disco lights flashing, Madonna's "Holiday" blasting, and strong, stocky guys and gals mingling with the intent of meeting up and networking! I strolled over to say "hello" to Sun Microsystems' Felix Knoll, who introduced me to Yada Yada Director of Business Development Daniel Alvarez. Daniel dazzled me with a display of Yada Yada's hard and software as he called up an site. Unlike competitors' browsers, which force sites to develop WAP sites to be viewed on their unites, Yada Yada's PDA/Phone can support web pages in frames, graphics and text. EMC2's Jesse Childs and Tim Merrigan seemed to be having a jolly good time and remarked that "Jack Kemp said there are fine looking chicks." I didn't realize there was an incubator for chickens in the same club, but took them at their word.