Thursday, February 08, 2001

Legal Eagles

When the gavel came in the mail, I knew that something was going on. And sure enough, decided to get people's attention by sending a hard, wooden invitation for their event on Thursday, February 8th. Their motive? To pound out a few points, most notably that a study they had conducted by Yankelovich Partners revealed that more Americans spend more time researching furniture and major appliances than they do attorneys. In fact, a majority only spend two hours or less! Yikes! Most people use friends and family (75%) and the Yellow Pages (50%) for finding a lawyer, a process most find difficult and at times intimidating. Here's where the gavel dropped - 81% wished there was a resource where they could look up lawyers and their credentials, while 62% wanted access to legal resources on the Internet. Tada! Enter There are a few other legal resource sites online, too - like But it seems like they're running into trouble getting folks over there. Perhaps banner ads on might help?