Tuesday, February 27, 2001

Clicks and Mortar meet WebMortar

Near the beautifully redone City Hall lies a beautiful restaurant called City Hall. And inside and downstairs this lovely establishment were the good people at WebMortar, hosting their launch party for clients, friends and associates on Tuesday, February 27. WebMortar's Barbara Frerichs greeted me at the door and introduced me to Jared Begun and Mike Newman, who was sporting some fabulously colorful Mardi Gras beads. Necks of others were also clad in necklaces for the festivities, and a band started playing some Dixieland tunes to keep spirits high. Jeremy Kagan was chatting with WebMortar's partner Andy Gonzalez and 20 eggs' Darren Jer, while over by the bar, sampling some very fine wines, was Pfizer's Todd Greeno and Entertaining Ideas Catering's Diane Gordon. WebMortar partner John Kendall and I compared venue options for Austin, TX, where he lived for about three months, and tried to convince Senior Partner Mike Alford of this city's attributes. Fellow Skidmore alum and WebMortar Associate Justin Model and I chatted about our upcoming reunion before he introduced me to Nancy Byrne, who planned the event. Belinda Horton of CIBC Worldmarkets and her husband, City Salvage's President David Topkins, told me about his unique business. He has found a niche picking up people's unwanted household and personal items, and getting them into the hands of charities who can use them. Redwood Partners' Kailah Rovin and LAK PR's Lisa Novitt was chatting up a storm alongside the smoothly polished bar, where the barkeep kept drinks fresh. Sadly all good things come to an end. Although the WebMortar party was winding down this Mardi Gras night, the company is just winding up for lots of business. So, stay tuned!