Monday, February 05, 2001

P2P--Oh you know me

Let me tell you a little secret. Secrets are easy to tell when they're to just one person, right? Well, that's the whole point behind Peer-to-Peer technology, which was the topic of discussion at the Viant-sponsored MIT Enterprise Forum of NYC Monday, February 5th, at the Lighthouse International. The Accelerator Group's Director Clay Shirky moderated the panel of leading industry thinkers, which included Intel Capital's Chris Lawless, Datasynapse's Co-founder and COO Peter Lee and Groove Networks' evangelist Bob Anderson. Having reviewed more than 100 P2P companies, Intel has seen a variety of plans, as have RRE Ventures-as represented by associate Will Porteous. JPM Morgan Chase's head of high performance computing, Dr. Steve Neiman, and Viant's Technology Officer Andrew Frank rounded out the panel. Good, solid dialogue bantered between the men. The audience was savvy, too - questions were more about use and future developments, and less about definitions of the term.