Monday, February 26, 2001

Working Grrl

Comparisons to Jack Kerouac, Charles Kuralt and MTV's Road Rules were tossed around, but Aliza Sherman's road trip across the country and back in her RV was slightly different from them all. While her next book coming out will be entirely devoted to her exploits, her 2nd book, Cybergrrl @ Work, was the true focus of Tuesday night's sake and wine-tasting soiree at the Upper East Side's Hi-Life.'s CEO Robert Levitan and Aliza shared stories of their all-expense-paid speaking engagement in Florida. Meanwhile, Mindarray's Tery Spataro and Starvest Partners' Rachel Masters met and met up with other Webgrrls who came out in support of Aliza. I arrived in typical fashion after all the yummy treats were gone, but Aliza was quick to point out that the vegetarian options and regular sushi were divine. Cybergrrl's man-of-the-house Kevin Kennedy came over to greet me, and though I stayed for only a bit, I could sense plenty of sustained enthusiasm for the original Cybergrrl and her works as she pursues future ventures.