Tuesday, February 20, 2001

Oceans of Opportunity

The very swank new residential tower Ocean is home to one of the city's forward-moving office-space support centers-Kickstart. After a successful launch in Midtown, this group formed their Kickstart Wall Street and hosted a pre-opening Bits, Bytes and Bar with the Downtown Alliance on Tuesday, February 20th. After checking in, I chatted for a bit with David Murrow, who told me that he's now working with Schwartz PR Interactive. He introduced me to artist Debra Lee Johansen. The City of Yokohama's Assistant Director Justin Zimmerman, along with his posse, was hanging out in one of the back rooms, where I also met up with RadGuard's Nora Mongardi and Ashok Pai, who explained his new socially conscious LBO media company (more on this in the coming weeks). Kickstart's EVP Carmel Kashani and EVP of Bizdev Jonathan Mensch told me that they've got 20,000 square feet of space available for 12 companies. Jodie Kahn, formerly of 24/7 Media, came over to say "hello" and to tell me that she's now working at Arbitron on their webcasting ratings. NetShoot's Tim Walker and Jennifer Grant were among the guests who came out on this chilly night to network!