Friday, February 23, 2001

TCS Intro ~ 2/23/01

Courtney Pulitzer's Cyber Scene ~ February 23, 2001

Oceans of Opportunity
A Mirror Image of Exodus
Oh Joy! A crazymadwildfrenzy
Fast talking filmmakers and Fins
Yada Yada, Blah Blah, Hush! Shhhhh!
What VCs Want

The Cyber Scene in Denver ~ by Suzanne Lainson
The Cyber Scene in San Diego ~ by Lilia Phleger Benjamin

Cyber Scene Social Notes
Shakers and Stirrers
Bits & Bytes

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First Annual Alternative Media Festival. 2/8/2001

Yahoo! Finance Vision. January 31, 2001.
"Dot Commers: Back From Dead? - Courtney Pultizer, The
Cyber Scene" Despite the massive Dot-Com layoffs, Courtney
Pulitzer is optimistic dot-commers will bounce back.
Interviewed by Caleb Goddard. (6.8 min) Friday, January 26, 2001. "An industry with a
black eye dons black tie" by Mo Krochmal.

Wall Street Journal. Friday, December 15, 2000. C1.
"Flatiron Sees Some Deals Turn to Rust As Tech Slide Wears on
Venture Capital" By Suzanne Mcgee and Jennifer Rewick "EVENT REVIEW: Iconocast's
Exclusive New York Luncheon" To read this quick article, go to:

Morning Circle
Fashion, Style and Technology
Speakers: William R. Claps, President,; Peter del Rio, Co-founder & CEO, Interactive Custom Clothes Company; Anthony Dunne, Founder, President & CEO, HauteDecor; Cynthia Hollen, Co-Founder and CEO, Knowledge Strategies Group; Cecilia Pagkalinawan, CEO Boutique Y3K
February 28, 2001 ~ 7:00 AM - 9:00 AM ~ 243 West 14th Street.

Cocktails with Courtney Austin
Tuesday, March 13th
Four Seasons. Austin, TX
In conjunction with The Capital Network