Wednesday, February 21, 2001

A Mirror Image of Exodus

The space was white, but the noise wasn't. The Whitespace studio on 37th street contained all the elements of a wild party, but things remained calm. Mirror Image and their partner Exodus jointly hosted a hospitality event on Wednesday, February 21st , during the Content Delivery Networks Conference at Javits Center. Mirror Image's Hope Cunningham greeted me and's Manel Sweetmore, who was in town from LA. We meandered about and chatted with Storageway's Paul O'Dell and Donald Moran. Storageway is a platinum partner of Exodus. Rick Tacelli of Clearway was in good spirits, considering his company, Clearway, was acquired by Mirror Image, and he "intends to make [a lot] of money." Nearby we met SpeedEra's Jeffrey Brathwaite and Brendan Sheehan, who told me about their many locations-Atlanta, Charlotte, DC, Orlando, Santa Clara and now New York! Entertaining a small following of guests, Exodus' VP of Research Niel Robertson told us about his history within the industry and Exodus. Having started with NetGenesis, he left only to form his own company and compete with firms like Keynote. In 1998, as CTO of Service Metrix, which measures the performance and speed of sites, he became VP of Research when Exodus bought the company in 1999. Part of Niel's success could be attributed to his motto: "in performance, the devil is in the details." This multitalented gent also has a trendy restaurant called Triana in Boulder, and another in Boston called Limbo. Whew! We've got two new places to check out - and we know the owner!