Thursday, February 08, 2001

Soiree for new PR 21's CEO

On a tree-lined street still lit with holiday lights Renee Edelman hosted another lovely reception in her home for PR 21's new CEO Gus Weill. A great round of guests gathered to celebrate, and I got to catch up with FullAudio's Debbie Newman, I-Hatch's Chip Austin and Consultant Kate Berg. MOUSE's Andrew Raisej and Sarah Holloway were there catching up with MSNBC's Lisa Napoli and The New York Times' Saul Hansell. Flooz's Robert Levitan was upstairs chatting quietly with others, as was Yahoo/Yoyodyne's Jerry Shereshewsky. @NY's Erin Joyce was mingling along with @NY founder Tom Watson, San Jose Mercury News NY Correspondent Maureen Fan and I talked a bit, and before leaving I spoke en Francaise un peu with NYNMA's Director of Educational Programs Ellen Auwarter and Unplugged Games' Eric Goldberg. Sumptuous food and delicious treats, plenty of wine and boites for the guests, and sparkling conversation made the evening tres enjoyable.