Monday, February 28, 2000

The Web is not enough

We've been hearing the predictions that Wireless will soon take over web development, and now the Web truly is not enough for developers. In this vein and in the spirit of the latest Bond film, held a soiree for clients, partners and guests with many "shaken, not stirred" cocktails in a stylish old-NY marble and stainless steel bank lobby on Monday, February 28th. Mark Hanny of IBM was entertaining some attendees with witticisms and Peter Kestembaum of introduced me to Cheryl Martin and Jim Theokas of Sun. Mark Goudie of Oracle came by and I met Larry Osipow and Gene Quaglia of Intel,  who told me some exciting news they're about to release. Bostonites Douglas Wood of BEA Systems and Daniel Kaplan of Akamai were there. Timothy Appnel (dir. of technology, Agency) and told me about IBM's House of the Future in Austin. Just before heading uptown with Alice O'Rourke of NYNMA, Chan Suh and Kyle Shannon came over to catch up quickly. Kyle informed me of his new job -- Chief People Officer -- had great reports thus far. With such a good people person and strong leadership at the helm, probably will be shaking up more than just the web.