Monday, February 28, 2000

Clicks, Chicks & Mortar

"Clicks & Mortar" is a buzz phrase that's getting thrown around a lot "Chicks & Mortar" is an age-old concept that's gaining more momentum, but isn't as widely spoken. When strong, successful women gather to commune professionally and personally, waves of influence wash over everyone who encounters them afterwards. Such was the experience when Adele Morrissette (investment banker, new media investor and president, North Haven Partners) and Elisabeth DeMarse (EVP, content, strategy & acquisitions, invited about 30 women to dinner for their 2nd Annual CyberChicks dinner on February 28th at Gabriel's Restaurant.

During the cocktail reception, glasses of wine were sipped slowly and business cards were exchanged effortlessly. With guests seated at three large round tables, the women went around the room and introduced themselves. We heard from Gail Sonnenschein, president, and Carolyn Everett, COO,; Kate Hartnick, dir. strategic planning group, I-Traffic, and Debbie Newman, marketing consultant. Cella Irvine gleefully told us how she's enjoying her "time off" writing a grant as a Rockefeller fellow, chairing NYNMA and taking three hours of French a day. Allison Anthoine, principal of Quantum Media Association, told us how she's getting involved in every activity of intellectual capital and online mediums,  and Elizabeth Lesley Stevens explained that she's one-month out the gate with her new venture.  She is excited about it and drawing upon her journalistic roots at Brills and Business Week. Just before dinner arrived, we heard from Screaming Media's senior management director Marianne Howatson; Wendy Stahl, VP, Sony Online Ventures and Tina Li, a principal at Foster Management and another Wellseley attendee (of which there were many in the room).

Dinner came and our conversations were redirected to those at our table. While this evening comes but once a year, it was easy to see the uniqueness of it. Without a doubt, this meeting has the potential to become another industry standard event.