Friday, February 11, 2000

The Cyber Scene in Paris ~ by Victor Le Broussois (Managing Director, StockOnWeb)

All last week long, the world has been partying. It was the occasion to create new contacts, meet new people and StockOnWeb's team was there. 

-The Vivendi Party gathered together people like Joël Palix from, Xavier Herrmann (who left La Financière de Brienne for KPMG), David Elliot from Directhit (which has just been sent for $600 million!) and Jacques Le Marois from MandrakeSoft. We met up with them at L'alcazar.

- FirstTuesday Paris was the occasion to see Juan Rognetta of @jour, High Tech Finance, who publishes each week the N€TDEX and Véronique Torner from, the french software website Quelm.

- FirstTuesday London: the organization of this event is far from being cottage industry (that is not the case of Paris one). But this party is not so user-friendly as it should be: it is really business for business and nothing more... We can only note the presentation of by Ernst Malmsten (CEO) and Kajsa Leander (Marketing Manager).

- Microsoft Network Party: This party gathered together about 500 persons in an exotic ambience, with a lot of animation and everything orchestrated by an excellent music group composed of a double bass, a sax, a DJ House and a singer. There were TVs everywhere showing the MSN team, demonstration of the importance of the Corporate Identity inside the group. Were present the International Business Development Director of Voilà, Mr Jean-Pierre Guénin; Axel Dreyfus from Web City (don't mix up with Alexandre); Jean Pierre Levieux from MSN and Michel Juvillier, Advertisement Director and the multimedia director of Expansion group (Valeurs Actuelles) who seemed very interested by the N€TDEX; among others. Paul Charoy, from e-Ketchum, organized party--his first and quite a successful one at that.