Friday, February 04, 2000

TCS Intro: 2/4/00


* CyberSceneTV
Our first show is live and you can see it at:

Each time we visit a new city we'll get a History of how the Cyber Scene got started in that town. This week, we have a bit of the History of Silicon Alley with perspectives from Alice O'Rourke (NYNMA), Mark Stalhman (New Media Associates) and Bill Rudin (Rudin Management) .

Our second segment features a personality profile and this week we start off with Alley veteran Robert Levitan (

Rounding out the show we visit the hottest parties of the week.

Upcoming shows will look at other cyber towns, (London, Austin, Boston, Los Angeles) and will be highlighting people and parties from these places too. You can keep on top of it all at Stay tuned for the best show on the bandwaves about the social, cultural and business aspects of work and play in cyber cities around the world.

* Press/Appearances/Classes
Fox's Good Day New York, Monday, February 7, 2000, 7:00 - 8:00 a.m.

The Independent, "Cocktails in Cyberspace - RSVP," January 24, 2000.

Recent press: The Red Herring, "Tribeca Contessa," February 2000 -- A
lovely write-up by the talented Christina Stubbs.

Check out Career Advice from yours truly on Tech Week:

* Cocktails with Courtney --
Yes, we're finally crossing the Atlantic and having our inaugural cocktail party in the town of Big Ben, Queen Elizabeth, Bobbies and Harrods. February 15, 2000.