Tuesday, February 08, 2000

A barrel full of kosher web-monkeys

When RedFilter, Insound and MP3Lit decided to have a party on February 8th to launch their sites and partnership, they made a point of contacting the people they wanted there and they made sure they knew what a special night it would be. Well, when you entice netnauts with the idea of sitting in original wooden wine casks left behind when a former kosher winery closed, you'll get some attention. Set in the SubTonic lounge, about 125 or so guests including Rufus Griscom from Nerve, DJ Spooky, Bob Troia from OliveMedia, Glenn Johnson, associate publisher of "Shout," Jess Zaino producer of the StarFreaky show and Omar Divina, VP bizdev at Nerve.com. Kozmo.com's Matt Heindl and eCoasters Jeff Zurofsky were hobnobbing with Arul Sundaram, Natalie Kogan of Cyber Settle and Omar Wasow, executive director of BlackPlanet.com was telling a few of us how his site's reached 70 million page views in 5 short months. I spoke with Gary Hustwit, CEO, of MP3Lit.com and Steve Weiss, EVP, and William O'Shea, CEO of RedFilter who filled me in on the method behind their madness for the party. Steve said the party was a success due to Insound's music, MP3Lit's "Get Lit" lighters and RedFilter's exuberant socializing.