Friday, February 18, 2000

The Cyber Scene in Paris ~ by Victor Le Broussois

The Cyber Scene in Paris ~ by Victor Le Broussois (Managing Director,

All last week long, the world has been partying. It was the occasion to
create new contacts, meet new people and StockOnWeb's team was there.
-The Vivendi Party gathered together people like JoÎl Palix from,
Xavier Herrmann (who left La FinanciËre de Brienne for KPMG), David Elliot
from Directhit (which has just been sent for $600 million!) and Jacques Le
Marois from MandrakeSoft. We met up with them at L'alcazar.

- FirstTuesday Paris was the occasion to see Juan Rognetta of @jour, High
Tech Finance, who publishes each week the NÄTDEX and VÈronique Torner from, the french software website Quelm.

- FirstTuesday London: the organization of this event is far from being
cottage industry (that is not the case of Paris one). But this party is not
so user-friendly as it should be: it is really business for business and
nothing more... We can only note the presentation of by Ernst
Malmsten (CEO) and Kajsa Leander (Marketing Manager).

- Microsoft Network Party: This party gathered together about 500 persons
in an exotic ambience, with a lot of animation and everything orchestrated
by an excellent music group composed of a double bass, a sax, a DJ House
and a singer. There were TVs everywhere showing the MSN team, demonstration
of the importance of the Corporate Identity inside the group. Were present
the International Business Development Director of Voil‡, Mr Jean-Pierre
GuÈnin; Axel Dreyfus from Web City (don't mix up with Alexandre); Jean
Pierre Levieux from MSN and Michel Juvillier, Advertisement Director and
the multimedia director of Expansion group (Valeurs Actuelles) who seemed
very interested by the NÄTDEX; among others. Paul Charoy, from e-Ketchum,
organized party--his first and quite a successful one at that.