Wednesday, February 23, 2000

Ohm-age to the NY Cocktail set

After months of cries for more space, "Cocktails with Courtney" finally moved to a proper nightclub to accommodate the eager scene-sters this industry still seems to hatch by the hundreds. The club Ohm offered just the right setting and room for the more than 400 old and new new media types to meet and regreet each other. Thanks to the fantastic sponsorship of consultants Continential Resources, webscape design firm Concrete Media and family portal HEYnetwork, the guests had some fine beverages and hors d'ouevres and had hours upon hours of grand chatting-it-up to unobtrusive techno-new-age music.

As some of the attendees noticed, this was the first party where we implemented our "Gold List, " which is comprised of industry influencers, upper management, media and friends in the industry since its early days. In coming months we will be further implementing a membership structure with various benefits and other new processes for the parties in an effort to facilitate interaction for interested parties and devotees of the newsletter and cocktail parties. We will announce new developments in this here in the coming weeks.