Wednesday, January 12, 2000


As if you weren't already worked to the bone and totally tapped of money and energy by just living in NYC, NYNMA is going to take your blood! And I mean it literally! This is just one of a whole host of plans the Membership Relations committee came up with on Tuesday, January 12, for membership drives throughout the year. But don't worry, NYNMA isn't so callous as to just take your blood and live off it. No, this is for a worthwhile venture-it is in conjunction with the Red Cross and it is a drive to help replenish New York's seriously depleted blood banks. So, please stay tuned for more information on this worthwhile and fulfilling event. I am helping to coordinate it. Once I have all the particulars, I'll be sure to pass them onto you. You can also
keep up to date on NYNMA events by visiting the organization's site (, or calling its office. You can get membership information, as well as the latest on fun activities (organizing, volunteering, participating).