Monday, January 31, 2000

Who's Gazoomin' Who?

A long time ago in a far away galaxy named Gazoom, there was this little, funny-looking alien named Gaz, who came down to Earth to give people deals. This little blue imp had a good friend in Toronto, who loved him so much they decided to form a company based on him and his planet. Gazoom (the company) threw a bash on Monday, January 31, in one of those trendy Chelsea loft-spaces (418 West 25th) and offered many little treats to guests: the standard t-shirt, a key ring, blue and yellow candies, Gaz stickers, vinyl lunch bags, and a mini basketball and hoop.

Another lively Gazoom character is Dee Brown, a pro-basketball player for the Toronto Raptors, but a confirmed and serious computer geek -- in the best sense of the word. Mr. Brown told me he's been a "tech-head" since he was a kid, has math and science degrees and can program in 10 languages. As one of the founders and main investors, Brown has the knowledge and passion to not only be a celebrity spokesperson but to also go out and walk-the-walk at Comdex and dot-com launch parties (two of his favorite things).

The intimate gathering was the perfect atmosphere for meeting most of the interesting guests, like Howard Morgan (Vice Chairman of idealab!), Peter Crowell (CEO of Spider Partners) and Caroline Graefe (client advocate of Spider Partners), Carla Shere (East Side Community HS), Sahle Ghebreyesus (caffeAdulis, a new trendy resto about to open) and Jim Sosnicky (The Village Voice). I spoke with Barb Anglisz (senior producer at Razorfish), photographer Connie Williams and Mark Seago (marketing manager of eWonders). Charlie Molineaux (CNN) was there entertaining friends and Tony Shuen (ITG) was talking with John Greco (Brown Raysman). Elizabeth Gaerlan told me her firm (Hunter & Assoc.) just handled the launch of Altoids new site: Before leaving I met Rich Smith (CEO of News USA), Rick O'Connor (Gazoom), who made sure I got a bubble pen; Bernardo Joselevich (DutyFreeGuide), Ellen Ullman (Family PC), Renny from and Mike Deaddler from VenMark Capital Partners.

With my Gazoom goodies, I bid my adieu and jetted off to start shooting baskets.