Thursday, January 13, 2000

A moment of enlightenment

My mind was set on noble sites, but the stars had another encounter in mind… I raced up to the Bell Atlantic building on January 13th to catch the tail end of NYNMA'S Education SIG "Using New Media In Education Assessment." Why was I racing there? Because we all know that education is the "next big thing" -- after we get tired of broadband and the medical industry as the major themes of the Internet business day. I was actually looking forward to some intellectual stimulation and to hearing David Hoff, assistant editor/assessment reporter "Education Week," moderate a discussion between Scott Elliot, VP of assessment services, Vantage Technologies Knowledge Assessment; Ted Nellen, CyberEnglish Teacher and virtual enterprise coordinator, Murry Begtraum High School; Louise Mirrer, vice chancellor for academic affairs, The City University of New York and Sandra Holst, executive director of the ACCUPLACER & WritePlacer, The College Board. However, as I unbuttoned my coat in the elevator I gasped when I realized I'd lost my necklace. Back downstairs I left my card and description with the security guard as a man with an overstuffed briefcase and the look of someone who works long hours peered at me. I was about to leave when he asked me for a description of my necklace. I described it and he dangled the pearls in front of me.

George M. Sau, P.E. -- Manager, Usage Modeling and Costing, Finance -- Service Costs, Bell Atlantic and Godsend! Thank you very much Mr. Sau! We exchanged cards and headed into the cold New York night. Truly a New York moment.