Tuesday, January 11, 2000

Bits, Bytes and the beautiful bar at Bayards

The Downtown Alliance is getting right into the action with their first "Bits, Bytes & Bar" on Tuesday, January 11th. Bayard's, a very colonial establishment, was their choice for their largest turnout ever -- over 400 people attended. That made the sponsor, Chase, happy. While the event was a jam-packed short two hours (the event ended at 8:00 PM), there were still 300 people not budging from their spot at 8:15 with others still arriving. So folks from Chase (obviously), Soloman Brothers, Agency and more downtown companies than you could shake a stick it were all rubbing shoulders in a beautiful room with charming historic pictures of sailboats. The crowd was so large in fact that the restaurant had to open up another room to accommodate the crowd. Of course, Bayard's management wasn't unhappy with this, because many attendees ended up asking about rooms for holding their private parties there in the future. As Lisa Novitt of the Downtown Alliance said, "It was festive and a elegant environment to network in!"