Wednesday, January 19, 2000

Mixing it up for grownups

The ringing in my ears from the gong was quickly replaced with ringing from the loud bass music playing upstairs at the Pagent restaurant, the site of the first Internet Mixer for Grownups on Wednesday, January 19th. Hosted by the vivacious crew of Amy Fried at Roz Goldfarb & Assoc., Ben Austin of Comet Systems and Nicole Berlyn of, this regular casual gathering for new media worker-bees was a-buzz with networking and socializing. Joelle Klein and Hannah Pingree of iVillage told me there were 4,000 chatters posing 6,000 questions to Hilary Clinton during her chat in their Town Hall meeting on January 18th. Kathy Reilly of and Seth Price of were mingling with Bernardo Joselevich of Dutyfreeguide and Piper Kenny of GoWebMama. Jesse Stein and Adam Lupa of, a company intent on helping men buy clothes more easily, were mingling with Luke Haseloff of Comet Systems, Nicole Glazer and Gilles Brisson of US Interactive, and Clarisse Perrette and Penny Prior of AOL/Time Warner. Matt Ferguson of @Vantage stopped me on my way out to introduce himself, and before I descended downstairs and back outside, I chatted with Jane Hodges, writer, and Brent Kaiser of Ogilvy & Mather).