Saturday, January 01, 2000

New Beginnings

So what did the new media mavens and moguls do on this fair and frenzied evening? Well….. Ted Werth of Digital Club Network threw out his usual "not New Year's Eve bash" and drew the usual strong numbers and good solid crowd of webbers in a joint effort with Adeo Ressi of Methodfive. Sin Sin's upstairs swanky Leopard Lounge was the sultry setting for this exciting evening featuring DJs and offering an open bar and champagne at midnight. Scott and Margaret Galloway, of Prophet Brand Strategy and respectively threw a week long four-star extravaganza for influential guests like Greg Shove (VP, Interactive Marketing, America Online) and Lynne Frank (SVP/General Manager Turner Entertainment Networks, Europe), while Marnie Kotak (Black Hammer) complied with her parents' requests to be in the center of it all and took them to the event. ("It was a GREAT time!"). It seemed many digerati celebrated the time quietly, as I did, and used the time to recharge and reflect. Debbie Newman (formerly of went the exotic route and explored Africa on Safari and Tery Spataro flew to Belize and even sent in a little sexy cyber report of her own:
"I decided to celebrate in a non-techno-environment--Belize. The New Year, New Century, New Millennium was brought in with intoxicating beating of drums. The jungle jolted with the joy of seduction. The 40 guests of Maruba danced to the beautifully sculpted time capsule and I thought of many things I could have placed in it: my new blue American Express smartcard, Sony Vaio, Qualcomm cell phone, or PalmV. Though it wasn’t technology I wanted to leave behind, but token of my affection. Even more exciting is what I think we see in the future: refrigerators negotiating best prices for groceries and delivered direct 24/7 without any problems; an Internet clone (IA) that retains a person's technology traits and will retrieve what is needed, when needed, at the best price, as well as do some of the repetitive work tasks that we all hate to do; and chips implanted into the brain so that knowledge is acquired quicker and easier tailored to that person’s learning process.
And while Tery reports that she can survive in a non-techno world, the troubles with her airline on the way back (e.g. having the captain announce that the computers were off-line and he was waiting for a fax with the air traffic info.) indicated a murmuring of Y2K.