Monday, January 24, 2000

Teaching and speaking

 I started off my week down at 55 Broad Street teaching my class on "How to Spot Trends in Silicon Alley" on Monday, January 24th. Students who came got an over view of Silicon Alley, how it started, who the key players were and what were the forces that drove the industry forward. We talked about what trends are going on now and anticipated some future ones. If you think a class like this might be good for your company, for new employees or people who have just entered this space, it provides a solid background on where we all came from. This class is helpful for corporations who want their employees to have a sense of the history of the Alley, how it started, who were the players then and how the industry's changed. Please contact me if you would like to find out more about my teaching this class.

The next day I had the honor to sit on a panel with Elliot Fishman, senior VP of Advantage Capital Partners; Todd Kuhlman, CTO of and Bill Fisher of The Rouge Market. We were speaking on a "Day in the Life" Internet/New Media panel at the Lubin House on Tuesday, January 25 for Wharton and Syracuse alums. Over the course of the evening we shared our insight on what our days were like, how we got started, the "corporate culture" in our firms and the industry was like, personal milestones and the best advice we could offer. After hearing such insightful comments from my fellow panelists and myself, there was a question and answer period and networking to follow.