Thursday, August 24, 2000

They Might Be Chopping

As we arrived at the grand old Bowery Ballroom on Delancy Street,
James and I heard the familiar strains of songs from the street.
After getting carded and paying for our drinks (open bar just
ended) we headed upstairs to see a room full of youngsters jumping
up and down smiling at a band clad in orange-toned shirts belting
out their classics. It was They Might Be Giants and the occasion
was for that ever-hipster, historical, fantastical Web design shop
Chopping Block. A Block party for friends only, the celebration was
for their always creative site's re-launch, complete with a theme
song by They Might Be Giants. They also received an award for "Best
Design" at the Flash Forward conference for the Phish "Farmhouse"
installation. Old-schoolers like I-traffic's Scott Heifernan was
there and an old colleague Ryan Nelson and other net-workers from
small and creative webshops. Everyone was dancing and relishing
this private concert. I congratulated Mike Essl as I saw him head
downstairs between numbers and on my way out caught Joey Cavella
out of my eye. What a wonderful celebration amongst old friends
throughout the Thursday night!