Tuesday, August 15, 2000

Breakfast with Junto

The Junto networking breakfast series started in 1998 and was
designed to bring together select principals and owners of new
media and Internet companies along with investors from the
financial community.  As I arrived to the building I knew this was
not the typical breakfast gathering.  It was a sunny slightly warm
Wednesday (and might I add, Courtney's birthday) morning and my
first Junto Breakfast experience. The idea behind the Junto
Networking Breakfast began in 1754, when Benjamin Franklin brought
together a group of young Philadelphia printers.   They met with
the intent of "Camaraderie, Education, Mutual Betterment, and
increased Profit." These meeting eventually developed into the
renowned town club ... "The Junto".  As I entered the room I was
excitedly greeted by Bruce Strzelczyk of Eisner who introduced to
Michael Zarriello, senior managing director, Jesup & Lamont. As I
made my way to the coffee I met Scott Cowan, marketing manager
Shenoa & Co who mentioned to me that his company site which will be
launching this fall.  Scott and I chatted a bit and opened the
conversation to friend and VP & CTO of Cyberpix.com Jon Lowell.
Cyberpix is changing the way people see pictures.  Soon I met
Stephen Sylwester, president & CEO zREP.com, David Feinerman, Human
Resources Strategies Eisner, Scot Fishman of Ebricke.com and Keith
Rosenbloom, Director of Merchant Banking Commonwealth Associates.
From the beginning I could see why the Junto breakfast is unlike
any in the arena of breakfasts. Jennifer Wolff of Eisner mentioned
to me a week prior that the mission for the breakfast series is to
create a platform where Internet movers and shakers can come
together and exchange ideas. Finally, I recognized a few familiar faces from our very own start up, Startups.com Justin Segal co-founder and VP of corporate development and Wendy Weed director of sales and marketing.  As I headed out the building and down the street, I was completely energized from the conversations and ready to conquer another day.